Please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), to learn more about our company and our liquid hand sanitizer products.

About Our Product

Do you make a liquid or a gel hand sanitizer?

We make a liquid hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is actually an Over-The-Counter (OTC) topical product regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so it must be manufactured to standards approved by them. Our liquid product stringently follows the guidelines set by the FDA, and our product and facility are also registered with them.

While most are more familiar with gel versions, our liquid product works just as well. It also works better when dispensing from pump sprayers or automatic touchless dispensers. As we continue to use more hand sanitizer during the pandemic, this version will become a prominent standard.

See the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended Handrub Formulations HERE.
See the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) temporary policy for preparing alcohol-based hand sanitizer products HERE.

Does your sanitizer have any odors or scent?

Our sanitizer is made to exact WHO recommendations. Because of this, you may notice a scent you may not be used to when using hand sanitizer. This is due to using denatured Ethyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohols (which can also be used to make hand sanitizer) are not readily available during this crisis. Denatured alcohol has a high-alcohol content and an added scent due to processing that makes it undrinkable. This is regulated by law

It is not a bad smell, but you will notice a sweet alcohol scent from the product inside the bottle. This is a quick-evaporating formula, and there is typically no scent left after applying.

Other brands of sanitizer usually contain citrus scent additives, so if you would like, you may choose to add your own essential oils or fragrance to your mix to achieve similar results.

How is the alcohol denatured?

We purchase our product – specially denatured alcohol (SDA) 40-B 190 proof – from a large chemical manufacturer that produces corn-based ethanol, that is then denatured for usage in hand sanitizer. Our denatured alcohol DOES NOT contain Methanol or any other petroleum based products and is denatured using only a bittering agent with accordance to federal guidance.

What is the consistency of your hand sanitizer?

This is a liquid formula and not a gel based formula. We are following the FDA and WHO recommended formulation which does not use an emulsifier. It is watery and has the consistency of isopropyl alcohol you would get at a drug store. It can be poured or sprayed onto your hands. The liquid is may perform better as it can penetrate pores, and get into the nooks and cracks of your hands, even under your nails!

Is your hand sanitizer safe on my hands?

YES! Drivergent uses USP Food Grade Glycerins. This is the ingredient in Hand Sanitizers that act as a moisturizer for skin. It is similar to the hand sanitizers you would have in dispensers around cruise ships, theme parks and hospitals.

Will this kill coronavirus (COVID-19)?

There is no way to guarantee that any chemical at this point will kill the COVID-19, due to the lack of testing available with it being a new strain. We can only base the effectiveness on similar viruses and what can be used to combat them. This amount has been set to anything over 60% alcohol. However, we obviously can make no guarantees about the effectiveness of our product when it comes to specific bacteria and diseases.

Why 80% Ethyl Alcohol?

Even though Ethyl and Isopropyl Alcohol both kill bacteria, Ethyl alcohol at concentrations of 80%, is a much more potent virucidal agent inactivating fungus, and many lipophilic and hydrophilic viruses. ​Isopropyl alcohol is typically not classified as a high-level disinfectant because of its inability to eradicate bacterial spores and hydrophilic viruses.

Higher or lower than 80% concentration of alcohol both have disadvantages. The presence of water to dilute the ​Ethyl alcohol to exactly 80%​ is a crucial factor in destroying or inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Water acts as a catalyst and plays a key role in denaturing the proteins of vegetative cell membranes. 80% ethyl alcohol penetrates the cell wall more completely than lesser or higher percentages.

The WHO recommended formulation for local production outlines what guidelines manufacturers must follow in order to state that they meet WHO recommended levels. You can find more information about it HERE.

Can this be used as a surface disinfectant?

Absolutely! The active ingredient in our product is Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol), which is on the EPA’s List N: of approved disinfectants for Use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). With it’s high alcohol content, this product is effective at sanitizing and disinfectant hard, non-porous surfaces. We do not recommended using on painted or untreated surfaces, and suggest using in inconspicuous spots first to test.

You can review the EPA’s approved List N: Disinfectants HERE.

How should your hand sanitizer be used

You can use it in a spray bottle, or directly from the container. Our sanitizer is best used as a refill for personal receptacles to keep on your person when you’re on-the-go.

To learn more details, visit our our How To Use page.

Why does it say non-sterile on the label?

The FDA mandates the exact labeling used for hand sanitizers created during the Covid-19 emergency. What this means basically is that a normal plastic container is not sterile, and has to be labeled accordingly. After the container is filled, the sanitizer formulation sterilizes the inside within 72 hours. Every product shipped will have been filled and sealed at least 72 hours prior to receiving. WHO recommends 72 hours to completely sterilize the inside of the container of all microbes, germs, or viruses. Drivergent’s hand sanitizer is sterile from the inherent properties of alcohol and hydrogen peroxide..

Do you have a Product Spec Sheet?

We sure do. You can view the product spec sheet for our liquid hand sanitizer product HERE.

Do you have a SDS for your product?

We sure do. You can view the safety data sheet for our liquid hand sanitizer product HERE.

About Us

Are you making a safe, approved hand sanitizer?

Absolutely! In order to begin manufacturing our liquid hand sanitizer we first had to take several steps to ensure we would be making a safe and approved product.

  • Reviewed the FDA and WHO guidance
  • Met with chemical manufacturers to ensure quality
  • Registered our facility, our product and label with the FDA
  • Retooled our operation to meet stringent Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) standards
  • Strictly adhere to the FDA manufacturing guidelines
  • Post-batch test our product to ensure quality and accurate alcohol content

See the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended Handrub Formulations HERE.
See the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) temporary policy for preparing alcohol-based hand sanitizer products HERE.

Why did you start making hand sanitizer?

In the midst of this global pandemic, we felt compelled to find a way to help. As our main school bus business has been temporarily closed due to school closures and social distancing, we had the team and infrastructure to do something to help. Hand sanitizer is in high demand and short supply, and its usage can reduce the spread of bacteria and germs – which can potentially help save lives.

Where is your product made?

We are proud to be made in the USA! We manufacture our hand sanitizer ourselves at our facility located in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Most of our raw materials and bottling products are also sourced in Michigan. This helps us be more efficient and get our product produced and delivered faster.

This seems more expensive than before?

We understand it may seem that way, but let’s take a closer look:

  • The cost of bottles, raw materials and processing have all greatly increased during the pandemic – supply and demand
  • With the shortage of small bottles and sprayers, most are selling product sizes larger than you were buying in the store before. Larger sizes do cost more.
  • But, if you divide the larger sizes by the smaller size you were buying before, you’ll see the cost is actually in-line…

Drivergent Liquid Hand Sanitizer Bottle Size Comparisons

  • Our 2-pack of quart bottles = 8 (8oz) bottles. That would be only $3.00/bottle!
  • Our 1 case (5-pack) of quart bottles = 20 (8oz) bottles. That would be only $2.75/bottle!
  • Our 1 gallon jug = 16 (8oz) bottles. That would be only $2.50/bottle!
  • Our 1 case (4-pack) of gallon jugs = 64 (8oz) bottles. That would be only $2.35/bottle!

Make sure you shop around! As with anything you buy there are differences in prices. Not everyone making hand sanitizer is experienced or doing it properly or efficiently – and that can make it cost more for you.

Will you make smaller bottles?

Yes! We are in the process of manufacturing smaller handheld mini travel size spray bottles. STAY TUNED!

Previously, larger bottles were all that was available. Bottles, pumps, sprayers and raw materials have all been on back-order due to the pandemic, but we have created new supplier relationships and will be adding new products shortly.

Do you offer pumps or sprayers?

Just as bottles are in very short supply, bottle pumps and sprayers have been on back-order from manufactures. Almost all of this type of productions is done overseas, and because of the global pandemic much of these incoming shipments have been halted for months. They are now slowly becoming available again.

We have gallon jug pumps in stock now, and are working on getting sprayers soon.

How do you ship your products?

We use a variety of methods for shipping, depending on where you’re located and how much product you’re purchasing.
  • Smaller shipments are sent by FedEx, UPS or USPS
  • Local Metro Detroit orders are sometimes delivered by our school bus drivers – next day!
  • Larger bulk orders are sent by freight truck

What is the cost of shipping?

At this time, we are offering FREE Shipping to our entire home state of Michigan. As we’re based in Metro Detroit, our school bus drivers will be delivering our product to our customers door – Amazon style.

For the rest of the United States, we have negotiated reduced shipping rates with FedEx to deliver our product to you. These low rates allow you to get our product at cost. You can see these rates on the checkout page based on your shipping location.

Bulk wholesale orders will have different freight shipping needs, some of which can be free. Please check out our Bulk Wholesale page for more information.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns of the product due to safety concerns. However, if there is something wrong with your product, please Contact Us and we will help resolve or replace.

I have more questions for you

No problem. The best way is to Email Us so we can respond to you quickly. You can also call us at 586-800-DRIVE.

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