Driver Requirements for Becoming and Remaining a School Bus Driver in Michigan


Age (Min. over 18, some employers require 21)
Medical physical (up to 2 years)
Medical diabetes (up to 12 months)
Criminal Record Check
Driving Record Check
Commercial Driver License and Endorsements
Endorsement Chauffeur
Group Designation B or C
Endorsements P and S, possibly air brakes
Commercial Skills Test for initial license
Commercial Skills Test for at fault traffic ticket
Drug and Alcohol Testing for CDL (47643N)
Drug and Alcohol previous employer verification
Beginning School Bus Driver class
School Bus Driver Continuing Education class

*MDE (Michigan Department of Education) – Certifies school bus drivers and enforces education, license, and physical requirements.

*MDS (Michigan Department of State / Secretary of State) – Licenses school bus drivers and enforces CDL requirements.

*DOT (Department of Transportation) – Federal enforcement of DOT physical standards and drug testing requirements.