Why start a career at Drivergent?

Drivergent doesn’t just hire drivers; we develop a team. We don’t just offer you another job; we offer you the chance to develop rewarding careers. Customer service and safety are our top priorities and our dedicated team members are who make that happen. Making sure our team is well-trained, developed, and supported is how we accomplish that goal.

Are you looking for a change?

If you have experienced any of these negative aspects at your previous job, it may be time to look for a better opportunity:

  • Little or no job training
  • Poor communication
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • No support
  • Undervalued
  • No recognition
  • Low wages
  • Unfair work assignments
  • Favoritism
  • No careers growth
How Can Drivergent Help?

Here at Drivergent we are a family-oriented company that believes all team members should be valued and rewarded for their valuable service to our clients and the reliability and dedication they provide toward the success of our company.

Transportation is a challenging and difficult industry to work in, and as a driver you are responsible for the care and safety of your passengers and packages. Wouldn’t it be great to work for an employer who understands the challenges you face and provides you the support and solutions to excel at your job?

We promise you will have a different career experience working with Drivergent. So start the next chapter of your career here today!