School Bus Routes Transportation
School bus routes are synonymous with the thought of school itself. School buses are by far the safest mode of travel for students to get to and from school.

For nearly 100 years, schools have been using the services of school buses to transport students from home to school. The ability for students to have access to the learning environment of school through school bus transportation is a powerful and necessary service.

School bus routes typically fall into two categories of passengers:

  • General Education (Gen-Ed)
    • Consists of general student population from grades K-12
    • Some districts separate different grade schools onto different buses, while others combine them all together on the same route
    • In Michigan, schools are not required to provide Gen-Ed transportation, although many still do – especially for younger grade students
  • Special Need Education (Sp-Ed)
    • Consists of special need student population from grades K-12
    • In Michigan, there are certain State and Federal legal requirements on schools to provide Sp-Ed transportation
    • What type of transportation service is needed is determined through a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)

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Most public and private schools and districts have similar challenges when it comes to providing home-to-school bus route services:

  • How to manage costs and balance budgets to afford route service
  • How to meet State and Federal requirements
  • How to meet parents, students and community expectations
  • How to determine which services to provide – and how to best operate them
  • How to maintain services levels when short drivers or vehicles

Drivergent Transportation’s school bus routes transportation management experience allows us to become a partner with you in helping to address and solve these problems. We have the ability to:

  • Provide individual daily route service with our driver and vehicle
  • Supplement your existing services
  • Provide coverage for your route service shortages
  • Provide coverage for unplanned or un-budgeted changes/needs
  • Both general-ed and special need transportation options available
  • Provide new service or take over for under-performing providers

Contact Us to discuss your situation and let us help you create the solution that’s right for you. Then you can focus on your primary role – providing the best education and guidance to your students.