Do you have need for larger bulk quantities of hand sanitizer?

Then you’re in luck! We are able to sell our hand sanitizer in larger bulk wholesale quantities to organizations and businesses that are interested.

As stay in place orders are lifted, and social distancing guidelines begin to be relaxed, the public will need even MORE hand sanitizer than ever. Businesses and organizations that were closed will now need an increase of hand sanitizer to help keep their locations clean and protect their staff.

With the shortage of product available for sale, we’re also able to provide our product to retailers to sell in their stores. Our products have active UPC codes, providing you the ability to stock our products for the benefit of your customers.

We can help…

  • Government agencies
  • Hospitals
  • School Districts
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Businesses
  • Retailers

How much does Bulk Wholesale Hand Sanitizer cost?

We can offer prices as low as $15 per gallon in large quantity orders. Interested? Reach out and we’ll create a plan for your specific needs!

Click HERE to view our Preferred Partner Pricing spec sheet.

Our efficient manufacturing processes and active supply chains allow us the ability to provide consistent high production levels. This means you don’t have to keep finding a new supplier each time one runs out. We currently have the ability to produce over 8,000 gallons per week, and can expand to more if needed.

We offer discounted pricing by volume for bulk wholesale orders, and can create solutions for ongoing needs. We can also offer FREE freight shipping as well.

Drivergent Bottles Bulk Wholesale

Please contact us with your bulk needs, and we can create a volume discount package specifically for you!

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