What is the best way to use Drivergent Hand Sanitizer?

Drivergent Hand Sanitizer comes in two varieties: GEL and LIQUID

  • GEL is the typically gelatin consistency you’re familiar with, and leaves your hands with a lotion-like feel.
  • LIQUID is a watery consistency that you may not be as familiar with, it still work just as well, but leaves no residue on your hands.

Our hand sanitizer can be poured directly from our bottles, or used to refill your own containers to be used at home or taken with you. It can be applied on your hands by three main methods:

  1. Poured directly from a container
  2. Dispensed from a bottle pump
  3. Dispensed from a spray bottle or automatic dispenser

Drivergent Liquid Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Options
To use: Wet hands thoroughly with product and allow to completely dry without wiping. For children under 6, use only under adult supervision.
Visual depictions are also down below.

Check out our FAQ Page to learn much more about our product and answer commonly asked questions.

How much hand sanitizer should you use?

Researchers have found that, in order to sufficiently cover both the palms and backs of the hands, people should use 3-4mL (0.15oz) of sanitizer. That amount would provide roughly 90%+ coverage of the total hand area.

These findings align with the World Health Organization’s recommendation to use a “palmful” of sanitizer, not merely a dime-sized drop. Additionally, they note that sanitizer needs to be in contact with the hands for at least 10-15 seconds to be effective.

Hand sanitizer bottles come in a variety of volumes, but many travel sizes commonly found are 2 fluid ounces (60 mL). If people used 3 mL each time, then the bottle would run out on the 20th application. If you are getting more than 20 uses out of these bottles, then it’s likely that your hands are not as clean as you thought.

To learn more you can view the CDC’s hand washing recommendations HERE.

Below are videos demonstrating the three methods of applying our hand sanitizer

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WHO Hand Rub Instructions
WHO Hand Rub Instructions
WHO Hand Rub Instructions
WHO Hand Rub Instructions