School Field Trip and Athletics
School bus transportation is not only for transporting students to and from school, but is also vital for transporting students to a variety of other daily school activities such as school field trip and athletics that are important parts of the educational experience.

School buses are the safest mode to transport students, and any time students need to be transported away from a school’s property, school buses should be used.

Some of the other non-route needs for school bus transportation are:

  • School field trips
  • Classroom field trips
  • Special Need field trips
  • Transportation to vocational schools
  • Transportation school sports teams to athletic events
  • Transportation to out-of-district schools
  • School volunteer transportation
  • Field Day event transportation
  • Senior Day activity transportation
  • PTO or other school organization trips

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Public and private schools and districts can encounter challenges when it comes to providing school field trip and athletics transportation services:

  • Most afternoon trips are at the same time as PM routes, and bus coverage conflicts
  • Many afternoon field trips are delayed departing until a bus becomes available
  • School districts are short staffed and do not have enough drivers to cover all field trips
  • Private and charter schools do not operate their own buses and depend on bus contractor availability
  • Some bus contractors may overbook and cause delays in trip pickups and dropoffs
  • Some bus contractors may not have reliable equipment impacting trip timeframes

Drivergent Transportation’s school athletic and field trip management experience allows us to become a partner with you in helping to address and solve these problems. We have the ability to:

  • Provide field trip and athletic transportation with our driver and vehicle
  • Supplement your existing services
  • Provide coverage for your vehicle conflicts and service shortages
  • Provide coverage for unplanned or un-budgeted changes/needs
  • Regular and wheelchair bus transportation options available
  • Sedan, van and SUV transportation options available
  • Provide new service or take over for under-performing providers

Contact Us to discuss your situation and let us help you create the solution that’s right for you. Then you can focus on your primary role – providing the best education and guidance to your students.