Drivergent Hand Sanitizer School Reopen Banner

How can Drivergent help schools with reopen plans?

All states are mandating schools meet stringent criteria before reopening in the fall. Everyone has had to face unprecedented challenges as a result of the pandemic, and reopening schools creates even more challenges for the safety of staff and students, while balancing unexpected budget constraints.

Drivergent is uniquely positioned to help schools with their reopening plans – better than almost anyone else. Why? Because we were ALREADY your partner! We are a pupil transportation company with over a decade of experience working with schools, so we understand your needs and have to meet the same reopen requirements that you do.

The best part is – we’re right here in Michigan! So why not work together towards the common goal!

Here are some of the ways we can help you today:

Drivergent Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser
Automatic Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
  • For schools buses and inside buildings
  • Meets reopen requirements
  • Lowest pricing available – no need to negotiate
  • Direct supply from manufacturer – always available
  • Product to your door in 7-10 days – no long wait times
  • No minimums or maximum quantities
  • Table and Floor stand options available
Drivergent Hand Sanitizer Bottle Varieties
Liquid Hand Sanitizer
  • We’re the manufacturer – so you get the lowest price!
  • Works perfectly in the automatic touchless dispensers
  • No need to stock pile – we keep you supplied when needed
  • Bulk and Personal Use sizes
  • Our facility is registered with the FDA
  • Maintain strict production safety guidelines
  • Our product is also meets the CDC requirements for surface disinfecting

Drivergent Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Wipes Out
Alcohol Hand Sanitizing / Cleaning Wipes
  • We manufacture our own alcohol wipes!
  • Uses our liquid hand sanitizer formula
  • Extra-Large 10″ x 10″ nonwoven wipers
  • Safe on hands or used for general cleaning
  • In-stock and ready to use
Coming Soon
  • We’re going to start manufacturing GEL hand sanitizer – YES!!!
  • Desk size (8oz) gel hand sanitizer pump bottles
  • Higher count alcohol wipe canisters
  • Low-cost disposable masks – adult AND child sizes
  • PPE Kits – pre-made resealable bags containing:
    • Disposable masks
    • Disposable gloves
    • Single-use alcohol wipes
    • 2oz spray bottle of hand sanitizer