While transportation is the largest of our services at Drivergent, we also offer several other services to suit our clients evolving needs. Please use the links to learn more about each of our services and contact us to discuss how we can help create solutions for your unique challenges.

Drivergent Transportation

  • Outsourcing as-needed transportation services
  • Fully-managed operation
  • Our vehicles and drivers
  • Public or private entities
  • Contract or non-contract
  • Daily routes / shuttles
  • Field trip / Athletics
  • Charter trips
  • General-Ed or Special Needs
Drivergent Staffing

  • Schools/Districts continue to manage their transportation in-house
  • We supply driver staffing to cover shortages
  • Your vehicles | Our drivers
  • Short or long-term staffing
  • Our drivers report to your location
  • Drivers follow both your and our policies
  • No long-term commitment
  • Huge cost savings
Drivergent Management Services
  • Schools/Districts have the option to:
  • Outsource the management of their internal transportation
  • Outsource their entire operation
  • We tailor the plan to meet your individual needs and goals
  • We are your complete partner
  • Huge cost savings