Special Events Transportation
School buses are the safest mode of transportation for students, and likewise, that also makes them one of the safest modes of transportation for other special events transportation as well.

School buses are specifically designed with numerous safety features, such as: high back protective seating, body compartmentalization, high road height, rollover protection, additional mirrors for visibility, and highly visible colors. These safety features and high passenger occupancy make these vehicles a good option for transporting groups of passengers large and small.

Some of the other groups the can benefit from using school buses for their transportation options are:

Special Event Transportation

  • Conventions
  • Parking shuttles
  • Holiday events
  • Athletic tournaments
  • Community events
  • Parades
  • Community tours
  • Amusement Park trips
  • Concerts & Sporting events
  • Wedding shuttles
  • Casino shuttles
  • School graduations
  • Religious gatherings
  • Political rallies
  • Family celebrations
  • Volunteer Day events
Whether your group is looking to organize transportation for a one-time special event, or you’re looking for a partner to create regularly scheduled event transportation – Drivergent Transportation can create the perfect solution for your transportation needs.

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Drivergent’s special event transportation management experience allows us to become a partner with you in helping to address and solve these problems. We have the ability to:

  • Provide charter and shuttle transportation with our drivers and vehicles
  • One-time use or regularly scheduled services
  • Supplement your existing services
  • Provide coverage for unplanned or un-budgeted changes/needs
  • Regular and wheelchair bus transportation options available
  • Sedan, van and SUV transportation options available
  • Provide new service or take over for under-performing providers

Contact Us to discuss your situation and let us help you create the solution that’s right for you. Then you can focus on your primary role – providing the best education and guidance to your students.